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Download Versatile Math

You can download the entire book here or download one chapter at a time below. Note that the .tex files by themselves will only be useful for reference, since they won't compile without the folder of images that are included in the text. You can download a .zip folder of these images below. To compile, place the .tex files in one directory that has the images folder as a subdirectory.

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Paperback copies of Versatile Math can be bought from CreateSpace, Amazon's self-publishing service. The cost of the book only covers printing costs; we don't receive any royalties.

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Report Errata

If you notice any typos or mistakes, please contact us using the form linked below.

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Note: to download the source code (\(\LaTeX\) files), click on a given chapter title or section title. The main file for the book contains the chapter openers, with the section contents broken out into separate files, each of which is included in the master file with the \input command. Each chapter file given below is simply that master file, with all the other chapters commented out (and a command to renumber the pages, so that each chapter PDF starts on the same page number that it would in the full book). Therefore, if you want the master file, you may download any chapter file and remove the comments.

To compile the entire book (or any chapter, for that matter), you'll also need the layout file and the front matter file:

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